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About Gaia
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Gaia started off as a group of students studying Concept and Creation at Windesheim University of Applied Science. The team originally consisted of 5 members both Dutch and International students that all have different fields of study. Now, Gaia has been taken over by a team of 4 students studying Internet of Things, also at Windesheim University of Applied Science.

Together we create Gaia. Gaia is a plant care app that helps plant lovers to take care of their plants in a fun and easy way. Users do this by connecting our sensor with our app and bringing their plant to life in the app with a plant avatar character. 

The goal of our app is to help plant lovers take of their plants better, provide a fun interactive experience for users, and to strive and make our product as eco-friendly as possible. So if you're someone who is interested in all these traits, our app is for you! 

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